The objective of present study was to check the association between cheek dimple and pH of urine. Urine is the fluid by-product made from the human’s metabolism and animals. pH of excrement indicates and classifies urine, whether or not urine dilute is acid or base resolution. Commonly pH is seven. If there's pH not up to seven its mean excrement is acidic and pH scale of urine will increase once pH is larger than 7. There are many sorts of dimples. The cheek dimple causes you to look stunning especially once you smile. The chin and cheek dimples are referred to as the cleft. Several scientists say that once there's partial fusion throughout embryo formation, it makes dimple on face. Dipstick test analyze the different components of urine like pH, glucose, bilirubin, urobilinogen and specific gravity. After testing their urine we asked the subjects a question whether they have cheek dimple on face or not? They gave us answers and we made a list of their answers with pH of urine. Total of 100 subjects took part in the survey and they were students. Our study concluded that those subjects having pH 6 are more likely to have dimples.

Keywords: Urine pH, Urinalysis, Cheek dimples, Urine test.

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