The motion control of single link flexible joint robot manipulator is reduce the vibration of tip of the manipulator. The advance methodology is to optimize fuzzy logic controller parameters via neural network and use the adaptive neuro-fuzzy scheme to control single link flexible joint robot manipulators. The dynamics of single link robot manipulators are highly nonlinear with strong couplings existing between joints and are frequently subjected to structured and unstructured uncertainties. The increased complexity of the motions of robots manipulator considering joint elasticity makes conventional control strategies complex and difficult to synthesize. This paper presents investigations into the development of adaptive neuro Fuzzy control for position and velocity control of a flexible joint manipulator. To study the effectiveness of the controllers, a adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Controller is developed for tip angular position and velocity control of a single link flexible joint manipulator. This is then extended to incorporate an ANFIS Controller for velocity error reduction of the flexible joint system. Simulation results of the response of the flexible joint manipulator with the ANFIS controllers are presented in time domains. The performances of the ANFIS schemes are examined in terms of input position and velocity tracking capability, level of robot vibration reduction and time response specifications.

Keywords: Flexible structure, Manipulator, ANFIS, Uncertain system.

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