The study will conclude with a way to develop institutional structures implementing Solow’s conceptualization of inter-generalization that can collaborate peace and increase funds for quality water throughout the Middle East. The study integrates quantitative statistical data and defends the argument that every individual has the right to fresh quality drinking water. The study formulates a hypothesis to gain control, offers visibility into the water industry in the Middle East, and delivers reliable information. Identify what the commonalities between different sectors were and where synergies lay in terms of governance paths (Tiller et al., 2021. P.1). The study is a quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approach that includes an e-mail chain, service partners, auditing, and project scope. Synergy and value are targeted with partnerships. Communication of science is implemented to include theory, details, methods, and imperial results. The plan is to gain a comprehensive insight into indicators of water levels and quality with artificial intelligence and synthetic intelligence. Artificial Intelligence can rebuild itself (Capitol Technology, 2022. P.1). Artificial Intelligence that can be transcended containment (Capitol Technology, 2022. P.1). Machine learning is exploding as an application of narrow AI (Artificial Intelligence), used to comb through vast amounts of data to better develop and market products (Capitol Technology, 2022. P.1). Cultural transparency will be investigated along with how the government manages reluctance and how they build strong relationships. A focus is on building a network of founder's challenges facing our world today to demonstrate how interconnected we are and how the fates of all people are bound up together (President Biden, 2021). The outbreak of a virus overseas can cause profound grief and suffer at home (President Biden, 2021). Energy data will be reported to show key metrics and will be compared to countries in the Middle East and measured in amounts of water consumption and renewable energy. “Questions such as these will be answered by world data,” “how water is produced by renewable energy”? Conflict a continent away can create endangers our security (President Biden, 2021). Economic downturns abroad can mean lost jobs and shuttered businesses in towns across the globe (President Biden, 2021). Global climate change worsens hurricanes in the Gulf, floods in the heartland, and wildfires in the West (President Biden, 2021). Because of global warming areas in the world are becoming scarce of potable water for a variety of reasons. Yet what is sure in the oceans is an infinite source of water that is not dependent on rainfall be used to provide potable water for all these drought-stricken regions.

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