This paper aims to know about the Retailers’ outlook towards various brands of deodorants. The objective of the paper is to study the factors influencing the preference of deodorant products in retailers. For this study, 85 retailers were considered as sample. The data is collected using a structured questionnaire. They were enquired about the fast-moving deodorant, awareness and preferences of deodorant products. For the analysis purpose, statistical tools and techniques like Chi-Square and Weighted Average are used. Many retailers were aware of deodorant products. This Summer paper lays emphasis on the retailer’s opinion on various brands of Men’s Deodorant. A Total sample of 85 is taken for study. The data has been collected using structured questionnaire from the retailers by meeting from the retailers by meeting them in person. The various factors influencing the brand preference has been identified. Statistical software SPSS was used to carry out data analysis and statistical test like Chi-Square and weighted average was used in this study.

Keywords: Marketing, Retailers, Customer, Distributor, Preference.

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