Security Management Protocols in Cloud Computation

Cloud computing premise is very similar in that it provides a virtual computing environment that’s dynamically allocated to meet user needs. From a technical perspective, cloud computing includes service oriented architecture (SOA) and virtual applications of both hardware and software. In this new world of computing, some have conjectured that security is the biggest concern facing cloud computing. Here, we examine some security issues and the associated regulatory and legal concerns that have arisen as cloud computing emerges as a primary distributed computing platform. We would study the protocols and management rules already implemented for security in cloud network, and with the use of this study further create new protocols that would enhance the security and eases the management of security. We as author, are trying to compare the two major protocol suites that the cloud architecture uses in order to provide management of security in the clouds. The extension of the paper would yield a better protocol architecture for the cloud platform in order to enhance the security management issues that are under consideration.

Keywords: Security, Cloud Computing, SOA, CIA, Privacy, Access Management.

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