Middle East Journal of Applied Science & Technology

Volume 4 Issue 2 April-June 2021

Research Article

LACTOFERT Tablet: A Comprehensive Nutrient Support to Boost Reproductive Health in Women

Govind Shukla, C. Subrahmanyam, Akanksha Sonal Khess, M. Dayanand, Anusha Kandala, G. Sravanthi & C.J. Sampath Kumar

Page No. 01-20

 Abstract: Infertility can be defined as a lack of pregnancy after one year of regular unprotected intercourse. Approximately 15%-20% of couples of reproductive age are infertile, which can be attributed equally to both male and female factors. Nutritional supplements may play an important role in optimizing fertility health, leading to improved conception rates, particularly in cases of menstrual irregularity or unexplained infertility. LACTOFERT, A Female fertility tablet offers powerful and potent use in the management & optimization of reproductive health in women.

Review Article

Metrology and Measurement Needs in the Definition and Application of Technical Standards on Machinery Safety

Farné Stefano

Page No. 21-26

 Abstract: The European Union Directives have the purpose of creating the necessary conditions so that the industries operating within the EU can realize products that comply with uniform requirements for the safety and health of citizens, the consumer protection and the defense of the environment, as required by the international Treaty of Rome, signed on 25 March 1957, that has established the European Economic Community. This article proposes to evolve the way of drawing up the standards relating to machinery, taking into account the metrological aspects, in order to conduct more objective risk analyzes. The greater reliability that can be achieved, can translate into a competitive advantage for the manufacturers of the machinery themselves.

Research Article

Classroom Discourse of English Language Teachers at Secondary School Level in Saudi Arabia

Abazar Mohammed Nugdallah Mohammed

Page No. 27-33

 Abstract: This research study gives an insight into the existing scenario with a view of suggesting possible implications for future improvement. The goals of this article is: To compare and contrast the teaching of English as a language and as a subject by critically analyzing the classroom discourse of one teacher from the private and the others from public sector in Saudi Arabia.

Research Article

A Generic Approach for Relative Regular-Frequent Pattern Mining in Retail Supermarket

Sohel Rana & Md. Nazrul Islam Mondal

Page No. 34-42

 Abstract: Regular-Frequent itemsets mining is a challenging data mining concept to discover interesting and useful patterns in retail transactional market databases. It offers the most extreme advantages to a retailer for product placements, segmentation, layout designs, promoting strategies and different vending decisions to enhance customer satisfaction as well as increase sales. Most of the existing studies consider only the frequent patterns that strictly satisfy the user defined maximum regularity threshold level for all of its periods in the transactional database. Many frequent patterns satisfy the threshold level in almost all of its periods but these patterns are not considered regular-frequent pattern due to the strict periodicity measure. The retail market is highly seasonal. Many seasonal itemsets regularly appears at particular time intervals in a transactional database, those aren't regular frequent at all. In this paper, we propose a generic and flexible approach for mining relative seasonal regular-frequent patterns in retail transactional databases. The dataset has been generated from transaction slips in a large Supermarket of Bangladesh. Our results represent the superiority over the traditional systems in terms of discovering many hidden useful patterns in the transactional database for making easy merchandising decisions.

Research Article

Assessing the Efficacy of Combined Therapy of Drotaverine and Ketorolac as Compared to Ketorolac Alone in Decreasing the Intensity of Renal Colic at PIMS Emergency

Dr. Maimona Kanwal, Dr. Saima Anwar, Sana Majeed, Dr. Rizwan Hameed Malik & Dr. Abdullah Khan

Page No. 43-54

 Abstract: Background: The EAU (European Association of Urology) guidelines on diagnosis and conservative management of urolithiasis state that the pain relief should be the prime step and NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) should be the first line of analgesia then come narcotic analgesics and alpha blockers should for medical expulsive therapy. The patients presenting to emergency department with renal colic often are in distress due to severe nature of pain, thus analgesia should be initiated promptly and preferably NSAIDs like ketorolac. Spasmolytic drug like drotaverine can be used effectively to relieve the smooth muscle spasm of the urinary tract due to presence or passage of stone. This study will evaluate the role of combination therapy of ketorolac (which is a preferred NSAID as analgesic drug) and the drotaverine (which is a spasmolytic drug whose efficacy has been widely tested in gynaecologic field) against ketorolac only in renal colic patients presenting to emergency. Method: It was a randomised controlled trial consisting of two groups. Group A (n=73) was received a combination therapy of ketorolac and drotaverine whereas group B (n=73) was received ketorolac only. Visual analogue scale was utilised for assessing the pain score at arrival and 30, 60 and 120 minutes after the administration of the drug and decrease of two or more points were considered effective in relieving pain on VAS. Conclusion: Renal colic was one of the most common presentations of acute pain in emergency, the priority should be given to manage the acute pain episode focusing on measures to decrease the severity of pain. Ketorolac which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and has a proven efficacy in decreasing the pain not only by inhibiting the formation of pain mediators but it also minimizes the GFR leading to decreased intrarenal pressure. Drotaverine is phosphodiesterase type IV inhibitor with mild calcium channel blocking effects and it has minimal or no anticholinergic effects. The combination therapy with both ketorolac and drotaverine proved to have greater efficacy in reducing the pain intensity thus exhibiting effective pain regimen and reduced dissatisfaction in patients with renal colic. As studies proved that pain remains undertreated in emergency department. This study was identifying the effectiveness of combined therapy of drotaverine with ketorolac as compared to monotherapy with ketorolac alone in emergency management of renal colic.

Review Article

Identify the Sustainable Manner of the Organization based on the Employees’ Behavior and the Overview of Green expectation of Employees

Suthajini Thiruketheeswaranathan

Page No. 55-60

 Abstract: Better productivity in the work place depends on the employees’ ability, employees’ behavior and the condition of the working environment. Thus, Sustainability of the working environment takes an important role in the productivity. The organizational sustainability will achieve when the green working environment and the employers’ sustainable behavior are synchronized. Therefore, the study identifies the sustainability of the organization based on the Employees’ behavior and the expectation, needs of employees towards the better productivity and sustainability. Through this study, employees’ knowledge regarding green approaches was reported. Research was done in a private cooperate company which has the number of branches and much amount of employees. Even though the particular research considered only one branch which consist 124 staffs excluding the working labors. Totally 94 sample size was considered for the study including the office staffs and laborers. Details were gathered from them through the questionnaire survey and the interview. Secondary data was collected from administration unit. All the data were analyzed using Minitab. Employees leave details were gathered from the administration unit and the reasons which were connected with sustainability & productivity and considered to analyze the productivity of the working environment. Around sixty five percentage of the people follow the energy serving activity. Among them only 39.3% of employees have an idea about sustainability. Adequate spacing takes the priority in employees’ need list. Due to the improper spacing, 13% of the employees take additional sick leave. It reduces the organizational productivity and the sustainability. Adequate spacing, proper lighting condition and the thermal comfort are necessary for the pleasant working environment. Not only that, but also employees’ responsible behavior is needed to define organizational sustainability.

Research Article

Factors Underlying Infant Mortality in Chepalungu Sub-county, Bomet County, Kenya

Jane Chepkurui Mutai, Prof. Leonard M. Kisovi & Dr. Francis O. Onsongo

Page No. 61-88

 Abstract: Globally, the infant mortality rate is regarded as an important indicator of understanding population health. The rate varies substantially across the world with the highest found in sub-Saharan Africa. According to Plecher (2020), the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) was 31.9 deaths per 1000 live births while World Health Organization (WHO) 2017 states that IMR was 29 deaths per thousand live births. Despite the renewed focus and recent progress in infant mortality, achieving the sustainable development goal (SDG) target in infant mortality of 25 deaths per 1000 live births will be a challenge unless factors influencing infant mortality receive more attention. It has also been observed that infant mortality in Chepalungu Sub County is not an exemption since infant mortality in Bomet County is higher at 57 per 1000 Compared with the National rate of 54 per 1000. Therefore, the purpose of the study was to establish factors underlying infant mortality in Chepalungu sub-county. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design. Descriptive survey design describes the distribution of and relationship among variables. The study targeted all household mothers in the reproductive age 18-49 and key informants in Chepalungu sub-county. Purposive and Stratified simple random sampling was used to select 385 mothers and 4 key informants in Chepalungu Sub-County. Data was collected using questionnaire and interview schedule. Quantitative data was analyzed using frequency, percentage, and Chi-square while qualitative data was coded, transcribed and organized thematically. The study findings may form a platform upon which demographic and health policy may be formulated and that it will be useful to other future researchers. Study concluded that high infant mortality was attributable to low level of education of the mothers, large household sizes, difficulty in access to health facilities, mother’s income as well as spouse’s income, place of delivery and type of marriage while place for medical attention for infants does not have any relationship with infant mortality. Further, environmental factors have a greater bearing on infant health and as such explain infant mortality. The study recommends that the ministry of health, County governments and Community Based Organization (CBOs) should roll out health education programs targeted at women on the human waste disposal, safe drinking water and safe cooking fuel. They will also encourage income activities for self-sustainability and mothers will be made to know the need to give birth in a health facility. This can be done through forums in the women groups, pre-natal clinics and barazas as well as church forums. Future research should be conducted to include: causes of infant mortality, biological factors influencing infant mortality and climatic determinants of infant mortality by region.

Research Article

NUTRAL-P Powder: The Nutritional Protein Fortified with Zinc & Selenium

Govind Shukla, C. Subrahmanyam, Akanksha Sonal Khess, M. Dayanand, Anusha Kandala, G. Sravanthi & C.J. Sampath Kumar

Page No. 89-96

 Abstract: The science of nutrition is dedicated to learning about foods that the human body requires at different stages of life in order to meet the nutritional needs for proper growth, as well as to maintain health and prevent disease. A baby is born with a very high requirement for energy and nutrient intake per unit of body weight to provide for rapid growth. The rate of growth is the highest during the first year and declines slowly after the age of two, with a corresponding decrease in nutrient and energy requirements. During puberty, however, nutritional requirements increase sharply until this period of fast growth is completed. Adulthood begins at about the age of fourteen or fifteen for girls, and eighteen or nineteen for boys. An adult individual needs to balance energy intake with his or her level of physical activity to avoid storing excess body fat. Dietary practices and food choices are related to wellness and affect health, fitness, weight management, and the prevention of chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes. The present article reviews the role of balanced Nutrition NUTRAL-P protein powder for Adults.

Research Article

Insilico Anchoring Efficiency Study of [Co(III)(T-Phen)] Complex with Serum Albumin Protein and SARS-CoV-2 (M-Protease)

M. Santhiya and T. Lurthu Pushparaj

Page No. 97-105

 Abstract: The implementation of efficient preventative measures is dependent on understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of virus infections, emphasizing the importance of studying virus–host interactions at the cellular scale to hit targets for antiviral intervention and also to clarify critical viral genomes determinants which are critical for the development of severe disease. The synthesis and quantitative determination of an unique complex Co(III) comprising 1,10-phenanthroline (Phen) as a ligand are described in this paper. The absorption properties of COVID-19 virus in neat solvent in the existence of 4.5 percent BSA, as well as the biological communication of COVID-19 virus via molecular docking, have already been summarized. The complexes' absorbance spectra show distinct intense peaks that correspond to intra ligand and charge transfer shifts. In moreover, the complex in 4.5 percent BSA exhibits a blue shift in absorption studies, which correlates to LCT and MLCT transformations endorsed by van der Waals with BSA protein. Absorption studies showed the quenching of spectral values caused by BSA interaction with complexes. The molecular docking analysis of the complex mostly with COVID-19 virus (PDB: 6LU7) indicated a positive polar contact between different amino acids throughout the spike protein. The complex exhibits excellent binding energies in the range of -7.6 kcal/ mol. As a result, they have the capability to be spur molecules for advancement of candidates against SARS-COV-2. The absorption spectral behavior of our complex in solvent and 4.5 percent BSA has been discovered to demonstrate the importance of our complex in biological applications, particularly in COVID-19 treatment studies. We also reviewed the complex's basic strengths, including such potential and steric energy, using Gaussian hypothalamus responds.

Research Article

On Non-Homogeneous Cubic Equation with Three Unknowns

K. Meena, S. Vidhyalakshmi & M.A. Gopalan

Page No. 106-112

 Abstract: The non-homogeneous cubic equation with three unknowns represented by the Diophantine equation is analyzed for its patterns of non-zero distinct integral solutions through employing linear transformations. A general formula for generating sequence of integer solutions based on its given solution is exhibited.

Research Article

Synthesis of Smart Mo(VI)-Pyridine Complex for Targeting Amino Acids on M-Protease of COVID–19 Virus

M. Santhiya and T. Lurthu Pushparaj

Page No. 113-120

 Abstract: These days, heterocyclic ligands with N-and O-contributor and their metal buildings are captivating examination point that ceaselessly gives us new data about recently combined mixtures. We depict in this the blend and primary portrayal of another savvy antiviral complex containing pyridine as a N-contributor ligand and Mo (VI) as a focal metal particle. The perplexing shows fantastic strength at its 3D atomic construction, this was upheld by computing its latent capacity and steric energy from Gaussian capacity. The absorbance spectra of the [Mo(Py)6] complex show unmistakable serious pinnacles compares to intra ligand π→π*, n→π and charge move advances. The savvy complex in 4.5% of BSA, separately, shows red change in tops relates to LCT and MLCT advances due to the polar and van der Waals communications with BSA protein. The atomic docking investigation of the complex with COVID-19 infection (PDB: 6LU7) shows solid polar association with different amino acids present in the spike proteins. The perplexing shows fantastic restricting energies of - 5.5 kcal mol-1. This makes them potential lead compounds for advancement into competitors against the SARS-COV-2 treatment.

Research Article

Contemporary India in its Socio-Political Paradigm: A Study of Gita Mehta’s Select Works

Dr. Prakash Bhadury & Ms. Aparna Mishra

Page No. 121-128

 Abstract: Mehta had written fiction and non-fiction juxtaposing tradition and modernity, fact and fiction, East and West, often exposing the reality in as much as she synthesizes the roots of Indian culture, tradition and peoples’ aspirations of contemporary India through the thesis and antithesis of various dimensions of Indian Socio –political Paradigm. Present paper endeavors to look into India’s socio political and cultural values and its dilution or deterioration in modern time. Four major works have been chosen which examines her observations since independence to modern time while referring India’s deep cultural and spiritual values of five thousand years. Karma Cola speaks of influx of foreigners to India during the rise of Hippie culture of 1960s and the degeneration of values thereof. Raj, a fiction reveals how life was lived in a princely state under colonial period through the eyes of an Indian woman. In A River Sutra the focus shifts towards Indian culture, its diversity, Indian religions and myth. The novel clarifies Indian spiritual values. Snake and Ladder satirizes the deplorable socio-poetical condition of the country. Methodology adopted is analytical and contrastive study of the facts and fiction to have a right assessment of contemporary India in its socio-political paradigm.

Research Article

Influence of Management Accounting Practices on Performance of Kisumu County Government

CPA Jared Okello Otieno, Dr. Orthodox Tefer & Erick Onyango Owino

Page No. 129-146

 Abstract: The main aim of this study was to examine the Influence of Management Accounting Practices on Performance of Kisumu County Government. The study aimed specifically to examine how the performance of Kisumu County Government is influenced by financial planning and budgeting and internal control and public finances governance. One of the objects of a transfer is to bring economic resources closer to the people, and effective public financial management practices are needed to make this felt by the people. The reviewed literature shows that limited studies are being conducted on the same subject and therefore this study aims to fill the gap by contributing to the existing knowledge. In the past six years, Kenya has experienced many challenges despite the improvement of the legislative and institutional frameworks for the management of public finances which are not in line with the global expected standard practice and therefore lead to a poorer service delivery. This study also aims to strengthen policies that streamline prudent public resource management. The study was based on participatory theory, contingency theory and institutional theory. The study employed mixed research and a deliberate technique for sampling. The county's director and accountants from the treasury of Kisumu County were among the respondents. In the case of primary data, a questionnaire was used to collect secondary data from the Budget Office, the Office of the Auditor General and the County Treasury Office. In the study qualitative and quantitative data were used. While content analyzes were used for qualitative data analysis, the Social Science Statistics Package Version 25 was used for quantitative data analyzing descriptive and inferential statistics. The effect of management accounting practices on the Kisumu County Government's performance has been assessed by a multiple linear regression analysis. The main finding was the importance of internal control practices involving monitoring, control environments, and internal audits (F(1,196)=156,124).

Research Article

Mathematics Teaching-Learning Process and Students’ Online Cooperative Learning Technique in the Facebook Group: A Walkthrough

Rodulfo T. Aunzo, Jr.

Page No. 147-162

 Abstract: Facebook application is already pre-loaded in any smartphone, making it a typical conversation mode almost anytime and anywhere. Its unique feature called "Facebook group" allows anyone to post images, documents, pdf files, PowerPoint presentations, and video clips. Even polls can also be posted where members of the group can simply click their response to a given poll question. Indeed, the Facebook group is already utilized by almost any organization. Many mathematics educators have already taken advantage of its utility to deliver learning materials to their students. This research study utilized the Facebook group in the mathematics teaching-learning process and students' cooperative learning experience. It is an avenue to discuss topics and other issues relevant to their existence. The students learned a new lesson through this phenomenal and modernized communication tool. Results of the investigation are presented in this paper.