Analysis of Rainfall Variability Adaptation Strategies Employed by Wheat Farmers in Narok County, Kenya

The purpose of this study was to analyze the adaptation strategies employed by wheat farmers as a result of seasonal rainfall variability in Narok County, Kenya. This was done by analyzing strengths against weaknesses on one hand and opportunities against threats on the other. Wheat yields can be limited either by drought and excess of water. Rainfall has a huge impact on nitrogen response by the crop too. A purposive sampling design was used to select wheat farming households in the four sub-counties in Narok County. Proportionate sampling was used to determine the sample size of farmers to be selected in each sub-County. Random sampling technique was used to pick the wheat farmers selected in each sub- County. In this study the targeted sample size was 200 respondents. A structured questionnaire was administered to the sampled population to collect data on adaptive strategies employed by farmers in the region. A SWOT analysis was used to analyze adaptation strategies by wheat farmers. The results are expected to help farmers and policy makers come up with adaptation strategies that are sustainable with the varying rainfall trends.

Keywords: SWOT Analysis, Rainfall Variability, Wheat Farming, Adaptation Strategies.

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